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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 20, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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usama bin laden, pretty eye opening. >> it reads like you're getting on an airplane. >> what if something happens to you? >> a lot more coming throughout the day. >> have a great day, we will see you back here tomorrow. ♪ >> the newly declassified documents just released from the compound where usama bin laden was cornered and killed shedding more light on what drove the world's most wanted man. welcome to happening now. >> american navy seals sees the documents as they carried out the daring raid of pakistan four years ago. more than one hundred documents showing communication to and from obama bin laden and his family as well. inside the mind of a terrorist.
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john: catherine heritage live in washington with what these documents reveal. >> taking the old-fashioned approach and literally going to the document page by page, i am eight documents into the 100 that have been declassified. i have been through this ten page translation and the extent to which usama bin laden was attempting to stay relevant to the al qaeda organization and in many ways that appeared to be micromanaging. that document discusses at winning the strategy that should be pursued with different news organizations in one case al-jazeera arabic, al-jazeera english and it talks at length about how french journalists being held hostage should be treated and whether al qaeda in north africa should accept ransoms for the journalists or weatherization demanding withdrawal of french troops from afghanistan. this is a detailed picture of
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the leader of al qaeda even though he is deep in hiding trying to direct a consistent theme and message from his network. another set of documents i reviewed this morning, talks about the arab spring and there is a sense of anxiety in the red ink about what the impact will be for al qaeda and he writes about the dictators in to nietzsche, ben ali and assad in syria with they got what was coming to them that the larger picture, al qaeda will take these countries back to his followers as opposed to leaders that he says was backed by western nations. some of it is also historical and interesting but i am not sure headline worthy. it talks about the uss cole in 2010 there was dissent within al
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qaeda and its governing council over whether that attack one of the seminole attacks leading to 9/11 should have taken place. if i was going to bottom line it for you at this point what is not clear and maybe unknowable is how it was these 100 documents were selected from the thousands flow we understand were pulled from the compound and whether in any sense they were cherry pick because they represent such a small fraction of what was available land so far these documents released speaks in very broad terms there are not a lot of names mentioned which would allow us to pursue independent investigation and reporting. john: there was a lot of speculation in months and years, usama bin laden can disappear into the woodwork, he was a figurehead, not actively
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involved in al qaeda management day today, that is not the case. >> you are seeing one side of the story but not necessarily seeing the fallout of what these directives accomplished and what i have read so far is a limited picture, not quite ten of the 100 documents but you see a real effort by usama bin laden to direct operations from his place of hiding all said to remain relevant and also harness the arabs spring in a way that would ultimately benefit his ideology. one of the criticisms has been that this administration has misunderstood what al qaeda's long-term goal was. one of law arguments is usama bin laden's goal was to create an ideology that could really operate independently in different parts of the world and
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these critics would say that is in effect, what we're seeing today whether it is al qaeda or isis in iraq, syria, libya and elsewhere. john: many documents left to go through. fox news alert, cape canaveral fla. live pictures of one of the most powerful rockets flying. less listen in. >> payload with the atlas 5 launch vehicle with the united states air force. >> hearing the voice of rob can and providing launch vehicle assets that as. let's listen in. >> everything is looking good. 30 seconds, everything looks
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good. flight control nice and smooth. coming up and 50 seconds, everything looks good. normal tolerances for atmospheric flight. looking good. john: this is the launch of a top secret air force base plane believed to be demonstrating technology for future flight programs. any space launch is never had given. recall the russian space capsules that was supposed to supply the international space station did not get there. had a problem during its lunch. this one seems to be going okay. we will not learn a lot from the air force. we know is a space plane, an
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unmanned version of the space shuttle but beyond that we don't know but cool to watch live pictures coming in, cape canaveral, fla.. the net canoed terrorists just across the border in canada, police picking the ten young people at montreal international airport suspected of trying to travel to iraq and syria to join isis. michael armstrong joining us with the latest. what can you tell us? >> would would have happened friday night most of them were at the airport several young people arrested by investigators, officers that are specifically tasked with fighting terrorism as part of an integrated national enforcement team. other arrests took place at homes in the montreal area, people arrested it, family members in all ten people, ages, mail female, not sure.
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they're not putting out much information other than a short press release asking for privacy for the family and saying everyone has been spoken to including family members. passports have been confiscated and no one has been charged at this point. arthel: thank you for that update. that will continue. john: to the fall of ramadi isis, the refugee crisis, tens of thousands of iraqis, violence in and bar provinces today comes word they granted conditional entry into baghdad. john huddy is following the story from the middle east bureau in jerusalem. >> thousands of people have been allowed to cross a bridge over the euphrates getting into the bag that province. take a look, the video we have been getting in throughout the day iraqi police and security forces blocked the speed from
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crossing during isis militants would try to blend into the crowd and launch attacks. so far that hasn't happened. now according to the international organization for migration more and 40,000 people have been displaced and that number has gone up displaced by isis caking control of ramadi friday and the ongoing violence there. all this overnight, the fighting continued, iraqi military officials say ground forces rebelled another isis attack on an area just outside ramadi. this is the second in as many days showing isis is trying to push its way east closer to baghdad, 70 miles east of ramadi but still commanders said they are confident they will retake ramadi and coming days. we have been hearing that since saturday, the troops have been mobilizing to watch a counter-offensive and we are hearing of the iraqi government is calling for more volunteers to help in the fight all this
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as senior defense officials tell fox news that there is no major strategy under way, to help fight isis and this adds to the concern many have in the lack of confidence many have in the iraqi military getting the job done, all this as the death toll continues to rise in ramadi. local officials say several hu been killed, many trapped in the city, trying to escape, killed by those bases militants. john: barbarians literally at the gate, you feel bad for thousands of people who just want to get out of the way. arthel: isis fighters on the move in syria with where they cease part of palmyra, the city is home to 2,000-year-old historic roman ruins and there are fears isis will destroy one of the most important cultural sites from the ancient world. isis terrorists have already
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destroyed ancient artifacts in iraq. a human-rights group says a third of the city has been taken so far. john: tense moments on the high seas thousands of passengers on a norwegian cruise ship. as the vessel undergoes an inspection of the coast of bermuda before heading back to boston lost control and ran aground on a reef close to the bermuda chain. phil king live in miami. what is the latest on that? >> this is not the first loss of power the norwegian don has experienced commie is getting a full hole inspection before expecting to be cleared to return home to boston. the week long boston to bermuda and back cruise lurch to an abrupt halt last night as it was trying to be part, the 2600 passengers and one thousand crewmembers were stuck going nowhere two miles offshore for the next we 6 hours. and to watch this action
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tugboat's tried to free the ship from the brief. finally they did thanks to high tide again. among the passengers, the seven member hanson family at from new hampshire, journalism student at coastal carolina. >> it wasn't violent at all. the shutter that happened before we stopped was big enough for everyone to notice but there were no people falling over or plate scratching on the floor or anything like that. >> the capt. praised the reactions and forthright relating of updates. the ship left boston friday and theoretically could make it back on time this friday. a spokesperson for the cruise line says this. at approximately 5:00 p.m. eastern norwegian don had a temporary malfunction of its steering system causing the ship to sail slightly off course as the ship was the parting bermuda resulting in making contact with of the sea bed. on guests and crew are safe and there were no injuries.
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the ship sailed out of tampa to the caribbean during the winter months and twice in the past two years. passengers have experienced minimal but definite power outages. john: we remember the cost of concordia. thank you very much. >> the issue of foreign policy usually takes a prominent role in a presidential election. what the debate is different this year. high drama at the trial of an undercover police officer charged in a brutal motorcycle gang attacked. new testimony from the victim's wife and her terrifying 911 calls and american asking the question of foreign policy. we want to know is the world paying enough attention to russia and possible new aggression by vladimir putin in ukraine? live chat is up and running. the to join the conversation.
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john: america's election headquarters of foreign policy in the spotlight. our next guest says this election season is different because there are no clear lines in either party. washington bureau chief for the wall street journal joins us now. you have written about that in the journal. boiled down let's put it this way lot of people's a george w. bush was too aggressive, too eager to intervene in foreign affairs. barack obama has not been eager enough. is that not fair statement first of all and does that way out from the challenges the two parties are having to deal with as the candidates take their positions? >> it lays out unchallengeds of the candidates in each party and it is a fair description of the criticism of george w. bush on the one hand and barack obama on the other whether you agree with it or not, that is the way they approach the question of how does america project power, when
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does america intervene around world, the problem is there is no playbook left for 14 years after 9/11. almost as many years after the invasion of iraq and afghanistan those continue to controversial actions so you have a debate still within both parties about whether that is the time and place for the u.s. to use its power and intervene and on the republican side some people, marco rubio most notably recently staking out a very aggressive view of how the u.s. sought to project its power and people like rand paul much more skeptical and on democratic side hillary clinton is going to try to project or tries to project a more aggressive posture abroad and people say president obama has assumed but she also has the liberal base that is not very interventionist minded so there's not a clear set of rules were clear path for anybody neither party at this important question. >> secretary of state hillary clinton argued for the intervention in libya correct? >> she did and she was pushing
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for more aggressive intervention in syria, didn't prevail in that argument but talked publicly about that. the same time she has criticism from republicans who say she was part of the administration that did not leave behind forces in iraq, was not willing enough to stay on the ground there so it is going to be a balancing act for her just as i think for somebody like jeb bush as we have seen, painfully over the last week or so, going to be difficult questions about do you still think the war in iraq initiated by republican president named bush was of a good idea or bad idea what we do that again, these are tough questions for anybody running for president. john: is there one event, one time line that was drawn that sort of erased the old rules about democrat versus republican, ideas on foreign policy? >> this is interesting and ironic, at the end the third straight presidential debate in which the question of iraq and whether we should have intervened becomes a central
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talking point on this subject. the subject on which the old debate revolves around and the fact that that war did not go well has left republicans saying essentially i wouldn't have done it that way and democrats say i wouldn't have done it at all but that is really the paradigm for the debate right now into will play out to some extent on questions like syria, should the u.s. even now beginning more actively involved to stop the islamic state? should get involved in iraq and intervening as you said before, libya was intervening in kind of a one step that way good idea or not? these other questions of the past but they will be the subject of the debate. john: you have vladimir putin causing all kinds of trouble in ukraine and that has to be figured into the next campaign. >> that is an interesting point. that is become the sleeper issue, the one that slipped to the back burner as we focus on the middle east in the last several weeks that you are right, there's a real question
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of what letter to naps intentions are in ukraine, whether ritter has been creeping invasion of eastern ukraine by russian proxy forces and whether that will stand and whether economic pressure will continue to try to push back against that idea. it has done very little attention. there is reason to think the russian separatists might be getting prepared to be more aggressive on the ground to heighten their hold on eastern ukraine, that won't go away. we will be back on that subject sooner rather l.a.. john: we will talk more about it in a moment. always good to have your expertise. arthel: this continued trouble in ukraine, why the president says his country is in a real war with russia and what will the obama administration is considering in this tense standoff.
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john: marshals are on hunt for a convicted rapist on the loose for more than a week. eddie smith wanted for failing to register as a sex offender checked himself out of a medical center near san diego on may 11th no word why he was there. we are learning one of the suspects arrested in the did the baker gained shooed out in texas is a retired detective. martin lewis served with the san antonio police department for 32 years until retiring in february of 2004. nine people were killed, 18 injured, more than 170 arrested when gunfire erupted among rival bike gangs in waco over the weekend. terrifying 911 calls from the motorcycle gang attack in that hat in two years ago. how the jury will react and the impact it could have on the undercover officer now on trial. our legal panel weighs in during the next hour of happening now.
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arthel: big development in the standoff over ukraine, the country is in a, quote, real war with russia and should prepare for a new offensive by vladimir putin. the ukraine government also says it is open to placing a missile defense system on its territory to counter any russian attack while russian defense minister officials saying they plan to deploy nuclear capable bombers to crimea. where does this standoff go from here? k t mcfarland is the national security analyst and former deputy assistant secretary of defense in the reagan administration, so good to talk to you, so much to talk about. do you think it was going to come to this? it will happen around summer, a real war with russia? >> vladimir putin got what he wanted out of ukraine. he wants to take more of it but his point is to make ukraine and
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desirable for anybody to invest in because ukraine ultimately is of financial story. the economy doesn't work they have massive corruption, a fix corruption, no foreign investor will come in so ukraine will become a bigger orphan. russia knows that, that is why they want to keep the instability and ukraine's eastern border. i was in ukraine last year and kept in touch with a lot of the people in ukraine. they do think the russians will launch of more major offensive in the spring they think vladimir putin figures nobody is going to respond the americans won't response, germans won't response nato won't get its act together, ukraine is not a member of nato. it is unlikely the europeans will rush to ukraine militarily. arthel: you have security officials say we are open to having a ballistic missile defense provided by the u.s. a what is going to happen next? >> you don't know where is going to go. the biggest problem with ukraine
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and russia is we america, president obama has failed to get the number on the russians. two things he didn't get. the russians are transactional. if you give us something we will give you something back. we keep saying we will give you something as a goodwill gesture and you give us something back, i you kidding? the second thing we never understood about vladimir putin is usable lead. the way you stand up to bullies, otherwise they will take more and more. arthel: if in fact there is going to be military offensive against ukraine on the part of russia, what does that mean in terms of the tailored and ic sanctions put on russia? to stop it? >> russia we have lava leverage over russia if we use it, economic leverage. not only are the sanctions difficult for them but the low oil prices have been really hard on the russian economy. they don't sell anything the world wants. who wants to buy a russian watch
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or russian car? you by russian energy, oil natural gas or russian weapons. as long as oil prices are lower and gas prices are low known a lot of money going into the russian treasury. the net have this same time vladimir putin will keep moving and probably will mount a military action against ukraine. >> a wounded bear is a dangerous bare. vladimir putin knows to stay in office with his lousy economy he has got to create a foreign enemy so he has to say if we russians are against the world, join with me to defend a great russia. arthel: what does the obama administration do? sit back and watch that play out? >> they probably still wanted to play out and make speeches but we need to drive oil down further exports to european allies oil and natural gas and we should say to the russians we won't go into these areas militarily but we should increase defense spending, but american military developments
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in nato, not ukraine but nato and beef those up and go to our european allies and say how do we work together to help the ukrainians? because the ukrainian economy doesn't improve the is hard to see how this is at the ending for ukraine. >> always good to talk to you. john: plans to fly away on vacation this summer? you will want to watch a fox business exclusive on what is happening with air-traffic controllers and why some new controllers might have cheated their way into their jobs. our passengers at risk? and an alleged prostitute enters a plea in the heroin overdose of a google executive. prosecutors say the drug fuelled scene was caught on video.
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john: still to come new information on a surveillance video the deadly encounter between a google executive and alleged prostitute. and suv calls for apartment into a nursery where 9-month-old baby was fast asleep. elon musk has a new idea, how about travelling l.a. to san francisco in just 30 minutes? meet the author of a new biography elon musk tesla, spacex and the quest for a fantastic future. >> new information on the face of a google executive who died of a apps of ridges.
8:35 am
as california prostitute with him at the time pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter after prosecutors confirmed surveillance video showed her injecting him with apps. chief correspondent in l.a. with more. >> that surveillance video shot from a camera in the cabin of the luxury yacht was key in convincing the so-called apps hooker to except the deal rather than chance her luck in a jury trial. the video has never been made public but santa cruz, said it showed alex ticklesman injecting him with apps and call me packing up her belongings and at one point stepping over his body to finish a glass of wine. after the court hearing prosecutors somewhat counterintuitive lee said ticklesman was not that callous. >> somebody described her as calm wind school be sitting down sticking on a glass of wine
8:36 am
watching him die. that is never in the video. >> public defender larry bigham called the death of hayes, 51-year-old married father of 5 and accidental overdose between two and consenting adults. >> it takes 3 to to take no. there's certain responsibility on his part, he had the power and control. >> ticklesman was sentenced to six years but with time served is likely to be out in two. with a second chance at life according to another of her attorneys. >> she is apps free for the first time in a long time. and potential for a very -- >> presumably those same attorneys will be advising her that exciting and rewarding life should include a new line of
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work. arthel: thanks. john: at disturbing investigation in the hiring of air-traffic controllers. we are learning some new hires might have cheated on tests to get their jobs. fox business network spent six months looking into the faa's new procedures, some of which throughout qualified candidates in the name of diversity for. with a preview of the exclusive report adam shapiro from fox business. neil: 3 the faa changed hiring practices altogether and use as a key test a personality test, we discovered in our investigation is people cheated on that test. here is a little about what you're going to see tonight on
8:38 am
fox business. >> allow me to go to work can come home provide with an e-mail, that will be extremely crucial in the opening stages of this hiring process, there are some valuable pieces of information that i have taken a screen shot of and i will send that to you by e-mail. i am 99.9% sure that it is exactly how you need to answer each question in order to get through the first phase. adam: the reason this is crucial is air-traffic controllers, 15,000 men and women are responsible for an industry that produces $1.5 trillion in economic impact in the united states every deer. 87,000 flights a day 2 million people traveling safely every day and critics as well as congressman said the faa a has jeopardized public safety with these new hiring changes.
8:39 am
john: adam shapiro from fox business network pretty disturbing investigation. we will look for that. arthel: a baby fast asleep in bed when an suv plows into the nursery. how close this accident came to disaster. benjamin franklin, thomas edison, steve jobs. does elon musk belong on any list of american visionaries? his latest ground-breaking idea as we welcome the author of a new biography of the ceo of tesla and spacex. >> of brand new invention. a truck. that is my intention. ♪ listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. and now with... ...twice as much vitamin d
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what do you think of when you think of the united states postal service? exactly. that's what pushes us to deliver smarter simpler faster sleeker earlier fresher harder farther quicker and yeah even on sundays. what's next? we'll show you. arthel: plowing through the wall of a home in washington state on the other side of that wall, a
8:43 am
9-month-old baby in her crib. the nursery was demolished. the baby did not suffer a scratch. the person who caused the crash was a new driver and got confused making mistaking the gas pedal for the break. >> the man behind space x and test love watching another revolutionary idea, elon musk calls it the hyperloop, transit system involving pods moving at very high speeds through tubes, at a test track in california. when it comes to american visionaries a lot of people put elon musk up there with thomas edison and steve jobs but there's a new biography of him out there, elon musk, telecom space x and the quest for a fantastic future. had unprecedented access to this 43-year-old visionary.
8:44 am
and you can throw paypal in there, the company put in money matters. a lot of people use paypal and it changed the way we do business in this country. >> he had millions in silicon valley with a couple internet startups. >> he is worth $13 billion these days. that the estimate but not really money that drives this guy. >> it sounds a little crazy to people. its ultimate goal in life is to make man a multi planetary > species and get us to mars. the driving force with companies like tesla and solar city where he is the chairman you seem focused on global warming and changing our energy equation. john: the hyper loop. they're going to build a test track in california. what is the hyper loop and how
8:45 am
does it work? >> this idea at 18 months ago for a new mode of transportation like an elevated monorail going 700 or 800 miles an hour. he mostly talked about it as a prototype and three companies have popped up on the scene to commercialize this idea and the most promising idea so far as the company that wants to build a link between los angeles and vegas and lets you get there in 15 minutes. john: the idea being california wants to spend tens of billions of dollars building on high-speed rail wink between san francisco and los angeles. this would apparently be cheaper than high-speed rail. >> that is what he argues. we don't know if the technology works or how it would be, $6 billion to build something between l.a. and san francisco versus 40 to 50 and he calls the
8:46 am
california high speed rail the slowest most expensive dream you can imagine. john: we saw during the recent amtrak crash a lot of people were describing the rails, the traditional rail as the technology of the last century and we need to look at something new and inventive. is this it? >> in the book this is kind of what i gather at. he is one of the few guys that is attempting these sorts of things and cooking from up and we don't know until these prototypes get built if it is going to work but so far when he first announced the hyper live people thought it was a little out there but he has done so well that space x and tesla of late that beep like giving him credit that this might work. john: space x if you told me when i was up the sunday private companies would be taking over the role of the nassau would have told you you were crazy but with space x he
8:47 am
has founded a company that really seems to be getting the job done when it comes to space exploration. >> i think tesla gets a lot of attention because it is up car people see on the streets and is a consumer thing but in the book i would argue space x is his biggest and most unlikely achievement. it started around 2002 from scratch and no one ever thought it would become a real player in aerospace and today is the u.s.'s leading aerospace company. john: we are all shaped by our childhoods. he grew up in south africa. what is it that created this i don't know, dreamer? american success story? >> this is the first time we get a peek at his childhood. i talked to his family and friends and lots of schoolmates growing up. the use to read science fiction books and most people sort of take those as stories that he
8:48 am
seemed to take them as a calling and he was fascinated by space from this young age and had a rough childhood, he was bullied, he was a loner and i think he has been on this quest like we see with a lot of billionaires', to prove himself out and show what a star he could be and he has been consumed by space, electricity solar power since he was a kid and really had to make those internet millions to let him go chase after these goals. john: the book is elon musk, tesla space x and the quest for a fantastic future. thanks. arthel: a deal gone bad. to boost the economy now heading overseas. what it means for the partnership between boeing and seattle. also 96-year-old member of the world war ii tuskegee airman taking part in an honorary flight program today but he had no idea what surprise awaited him.
8:49 am
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john: let's look at outnumbered at the top of the hour. >> what can we learn about usama bin laden from the treasure trove of documents just released from the raid on his compound? we have the perfect man to tell us, covert officer mike baker is back. >> republican voters seem happier with their white house candidates than democrats and what to make of the new number is. >> have the boy scouts given in to the pc police? they are getting water gunfights and limiting the size of water boards. >> all that plus our hash tag one like the guy, outnumbered top of the hour.
8:53 am
john: we have happening out outnumbered what a gun fight. arthel: i think you guys would lose. arthel: new information on a labor dispute in washington state as unions and lawmakers last going for shipping jobs to other parts of the country despite receiving one of the biggest tax breaks in corporate history. dan springer live in seattle with more. >> the 100 year marriage between boeing and seattle seemed set for life a couple years ago in the state of washington. the biggest corporate tax break in u.s. history at $8.7 billion through the year 2014. since then boeing has moved 3500 jobs out of the state, mostly engineering jobs going to california, south carolina oklahoma and missouri. the company announced the transfer of another 2500 jobs out of washington. as you can imagine it is not sitting well with local politicians or the union.
8:54 am
bill has been introduced that would cut the size of boeing's tax break as a number of employees at washington state falls below the 2013 level. >> it is cheating the people in the state of washington. we gave them a large tax incentive with the understanding that jobs would be created in the state of washington. >> boeing issued a statement saying, quote, competitive pressures not to mention supply chain considerations and efforts to colocate with customers have compelled bowing to diversify our footprint. analysts said the long history of battles with its unions is driving its decision to leave washington. as far as the big tax break it was tied to boeing assembly of the news 777 x not job numbers of boeing is doing what the legislature allowed it to do. >> most legislatures require tax breaks for jobs.
8:55 am
and that was a real bone had mistake. >> no one expected the link to pull completely out of washington state at least for the next couple decades and that was unthinkable until recently. >> dan springer, thanks. >> 96-year-old world war ii veteran gets the recognition he deserves. john watson served as one of the tough std herrmann, one of first group of african-american pilot in history. he was never formally recognized. that just changed in a very big way. >> worked as an aircraft crew chief always considered himself part of the tuskegee airmen but was never officially recognized. it turns out he didn't know how to be. a congressional gold medal kept a complete surprise and talent presentation which came on the first stop of an honor flight to
8:56 am
washington. >> john wasn't sure. they succeeded and he had never been honored as the tuskegee airmen. >> sergeant lawson explained using what he describes as low computer skills he did as much homework as he could to figure out how to be recognized as a tuskegee airman before senator mentioned's office got involved and turn the month-long process into a week-long process. then came a very thorough review of records by the tuskegee airmen association to make sure watson was where he said he was during the war but now all the legwork is done a nice ceremony watson says left him speechless. >> i have been rather a 1-man act, trying to get some remembrance of the tuskegee airmen. this is a utopia of all that
8:57 am
wonderful, i really enjoyed it. >> we are told at last count in january there were only 200 members of the tuskegee airmen stan all live spread across the country met makes the ceremony even more special. john: we will be right back. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70 percent of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit don't let non-24 get in the way of your pursuit of happiness.
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jon: see you pack here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is a fox news alert. a treasure trove of brand new documents belonging to usama bin laden released this morning. they were found the night the navy seals raided his compound in pakistan killing the terror leader. hello, everyone. welcome to "outnumbered." i'm an diao tantaros. here with us today, sandra smith, kimberly guilfoyle, rachel campos duffy and today's #oneluckyguy, the perfect one today, mike baker, former cia covert operations officer and president and cofounder of the private intelligence and security firm diligence


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